How Do I Purchase A Shiny New Audio Tool?

I:mage of someone making a purchase of audio tools from Zuka Music

Purchase audio tools on our site

We try to keep this as simple and stress-free as possible. We respect your time and your privacy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Browse our site or search for the audio tool that meets your needs
  2. Add it to your cart
  3. If you wish to see your purchase in USD, look for the currency widget in the right-hand side of the page. When you hover over it, it will expand and allow you to switch to USD. Note: all prices will remain in USD until checkout, where they will again be shown in CAD but it will be precisely equal to the amount you saw up to this point in USD. 
  4. You can continue shopping and at any time,  click on Cart from the menu above so see what you have in your shopping cart. If you are sure you are done shopping, click on Checkout to move ahead with your payment.
  5. Fill in your account details (we need this info to complete your registration of your new tool but we will NEVER share this information with anyone), or, if you already have an account with us, simply log in to automatically fill in your information.
  6. Pay using your credit card through our secure servers or use PayPal if that is more appropriate for you.
  7. When the transaction is completed, you will be directed to  a page showing your transaction details and a link to download your purchase immediately along with your serial/registration number, which you will enter on the download page. Do NOT lose this as you will need it to verify your purchase and download.
  8. Within minutes, you will also receive an email with this same information so put this email somewhere safe where you can find it again.
  9. Download your purchase and get back to work!

It's Just That Easy!

As easy as we have tried to make this process …. sometimes errors do happen. If you run into any difficulties, email admin and we will get you going as quickly as possible.

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iLok Logo

iLok is an industry standard that we use to manage our BOOM Interactive software licenses (Please note: iLok is NOT required to work with our regular BOOM Library Sound FX packs). There are two different types of iLok protection available:

MACHINE LICENSE: This activation option is FREE. You can deposit the software license on the computer where you’re running the software. You don’t need an additional iLok USB device. All you need is a valid FREE account on and the FREE iLok license manager software.

USB-DONGLE: If you already own a 2nd generation or newer portable iLok USB device, you can deposit the license on the device instead of your computer. Please note that a lot of software plug in creators use the iLok system, so if you already own a 2nd generation (or newer) iLok USB device, you don’t need to purchase another one and if you purchase an iLok USB device now you can use it with software from other manufacturers (one iLok to rule them all).

An iLok device can be purchased directly at or – if you want to purchase from outside the USA – here. Additionally, you can get an iLok device from the most music or audio software retailers.